In an ever changing world it's important to create logos that are independent
of fashion, trends, and style, and more as expressions of the state of mind
of a company.

Technically it must work well whether it's used in very small or very large scale, whithout loosing any characteristics, appearance, and the ability to be recognized.

In other words, a logo is an important tool, and is not just for decoration.

As an industrial Graphic Designer I've created logo and identity packages for many domestic and international companies (Corporate /Visual Identity)
Every project requires massive research and acquisition of a thorough
knowledge of the type of business, as a basis for creating the right logo.

My desire was to create logos which are simple, classic, and timeless.
Many logos were included in "International Corporate Design/ Trademarks
& Symbols/ Logotypes & Pictograms" (Y. Kuwayama, Japan).

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